Library overdue for renovations

Samuel Merino, Staff Writer

The school library will go under renovation during finals to create a more effective learning environment for students. The renovations are scheduled to be completed by the end of winter break.

“I cannot imagine us not being open,” librarian Janet Anderson said. “Kids being safe is first priority.”

The renovation will include new furniture, comfortable seating, workstations, displays and reorganization of the library.

“The whole idea is to make everything portable,” Anderson said. “The idea is to make everything more flexible, looking at solutions that allow people, classes and teachers to push the books away, so we can accommodate both what we need while still leaving areas for students to have independent study.”

The goal is to utilize space more effectively to create a better learning environment for students.

“The circulation desk will be in the center, that way they can see everything that is going on and perhaps use all of our space better,” Anderson said.

The renovated library will be a place for students to feel comfortable and work together.

“Book stacks will remain where they are and the fiction will be wrapped around the library a little bit more – also some cool furniture,” Anderson said. “I’m looking forward to some nice paintings and colors on the walls.”

Many students are excited about the renovations.

“This will add to the library environment with better desks and chairs; I think that it will promote the use of the library and students will want to study more in that area,” junior Temuulen Enkhtugs said.

Overall, the renovations are meant to benefit students.

“I hope that this is a place that kids want to come to and want to be here to study, to sit, to read, or even just to take a nap,” Anderson said. “I want it to feel like a calmer area to be in.”