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Is sleep really for the weak?


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Junior, Presanth Madana is taking advantage of his open period, by taking a nap on his MacBook.

Sleep: it’s fuel for the brain, it’s a necessity for some people and a comfort for most, but what’s the recommended amount are you getting too little sleep or too much? Getting a good night’s sleep can determine what kind of day you will have tomorrow. Being tired can be harmful whether it’s sleeping in class or falling asleep behind the wheel there are many cons to not getting your body’s recommended amount of sleep. Teens should get a minimum of seven hours although eight hours is advised, more than half of all teens get less than the recommended amount. I get at most six hours of sleep every night and I wake up feeling completely fine. Six hours is more than enough for me but other students need more to function throughout the day.

With work, sports and school work I have no other choice but to stay up late and finish whatever I need to do. I wake up for school at six, start whatever sport I’m in at four and than work from six to ten. Students with completely full days really don’t have much time for sleep, we all love and need it but it’s just not as available for others. That’s why I recommend that teens should sleep at the very least six hours. Sleeping this much won’t work for everyone though we all are different and require different hours of sleep.

In the end it all really comes down to what you feel comfortable with and what will help you function throughout the day. Studies have shown that one in three people don’t get enough sleep at night and wake up fatigued and not ready to start the day. With all of the benefits that sleeping a good amount does it helps behind the scenes by boosting immunity and confidence.

The recommended amount is never really attainable anyway. It’s alway way too much for a teen with other responsibilities throughout the day. Ways to further complicate matters is by drinking lots of high energy drinks that end up doing more bad than good. By drinking a red bull or a five hour energy it really messes up your natural alarm clock making waking up in the morning much harder. The only thing that really matters is what is going to help you and what is going to make you a better person to be around.

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Is sleep really for the weak?