Part time jobs, full time responsibilities

Juggling work with school. Can you do it?

Juggling work with school. Can you do it?

The teenage years are a transitionary period from childhood to adulthood. The first car, preparing for college, and of course, the first job. First jobs are important for preparing yourself for the real world, but is a job too much on top of the stress of school?

A lot of students in high school have no problem complaining about the strain that school and the work that comes with it, but for others, school isn’t the only thing they have to be worried about. A lot of students have jobs. Students sign up for a job, knowing they have to balance their work and school, and most are confident they will be able to. However, does that mean the majority of them are?

Barrington High School has an 8:30 AM to 3:22 PM day, with some students leaving early before 7th or 8th. Let’s say the average student has a job they have to clock into at 4:30 PM, this only gives them an hour to get to their car, get through the after-school traffic, get ready for work, and arrive at their job.

While this may be easier for some students, based on where they park, live and work, for those who aren’t as lucky, this hour period may easily be the most stressful hour of a student’s day. You may have noticed in that hour long period, there’s no time for schoolwork or studying.

Now, let’s also say this student’s shift ends at 9:30 PM, and the drive home takes 20 minutes, they have ten minutes til’ 10:00 PM. The student is now forced to choose between a full nights sleep, or completing his or her schoolwork and studying. A schedule like the one described is hard to accommodate, especially as a student. But is the problem your job or the schedule you’re given?

I feel as though its up to the student, or employee, to set themselves up for success, which includes scheduling. I interviewed a student at Barrington, Will Graff, who also has a job in town, and he believes it’s not that hard to manage. ​

Does your job get in the way of school?

​“​Not really, I usually just work on weekends so it doesn’t get in the way of schoolwork, and school in general,” ​Graff said.

Does your job interfere with studying or homework time?

​“Not really, because I don’t work till close, I’ll usually get off around midday so I have the rest of the day to do schoolwork, hangout, play sports, whatever,” Graff said.

It seemed as though Graff was on top of high school and work schedule, so that leaves the question: is it possible for everyone?


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