Do you like jazz?


The first five minutes are to review the notes on paper. Afterward, only the harmonious and invigorating presence of jazz can be heard for the remainder of the period.

Jazz band is a music class that is an opportunity for students to try out an offbeat course unique from traditional music classes in that it specializes in jazz. As jazz band bassist, Lou Marsden (11) puts it, “I definitely think it’s a unique course because we get to play and listen and learn about the kind of music that really you don’t learn in any other music courses”.

The course has also provided its student’s opportunities to bolster their proficiency in their respective instruments. Marsden said, “Because of my experience of a jazz band, I was more willing to perform in other ways. I got to play a few concerts with the class and I also joined the Pump Boys and Dinettes (school play) band… We go to a couple of jazz festivals as well.”

In addition, the class has allowed for the jazz enthusiasts to work in close-knit and constructive environment, as elaborated by the bands’ saxophonist Gage Quinn (11), “I moved in here this school year, and jazz band was also offered at my last school and I remember that just being the best part of my day, and it was really fun because I made a lot of great friends through it and played a lot of great music that I love. And so, I hopped on here and it’s pretty much the same thing a lot of great people, a lot of great music, and a lot of great times.” Junior and percussionist Eric Perrine add, “I think it’s just a great way to just kind of play music with friends in like a small environment and just kind of have a fun time… [and] can work on improvisation..”

Jazz band is always looking for new members, and it is offered a seventh and eighth hour as an elective. The band also has upcoming concerts. On January 28th there is a winter jazz concert in the auditorium and Java and Jazz occur on April 17th in the lunchroom where coffee and snacks are sold.