Bronco bonding


Staff Writer, Grace Gregoire.

As quarantine rages on, athletes at BHS are still staying connected. I spoke with four athletes and one coach about how they are still trying to keep that team atmosphere.

While the experience varies from team to team, Patrick Wire, a coach for the boys’ baseball team, said “We have used the GroupMe App. We have yet to zoom-meet, but we will be using that format soon.” He then emphasized he also wanted to give his athletes space and try not to interfere with their e-learning experiences.
Junior Olivia Camel on the track team says that they have utilized Zoom as a way to keep in contact, as well as having a group chat.

“The coach is sending contests in our GroupMe like a snowman building contest, and the cutest pet contest.” Their coach also sends workouts the girls can do from home.

Junior Grant Ackard, also on the track team, said: “The distance track guys are all staying in contact through our group chat, and are still organized in order to do workouts independently from home.”
Occasionally, they will have Zoom meetings with their coaches to touch base and see how everyone is doing while planning out the weeks ahead.

Junior Ben Lunaburg on the boy’s volleyball team says that the team Zoom meetings have become less frequent, but hopes there are more to come.

“I’m personally talking with my friend a lot who is also on the team and we discuss what we need to do to stay in volleyball shape and how to get better and I am sure that our other teammates are doing the same,” Lunaburg said, keeping up hopes that they will be able to play together again sometime soon.

While senior Sam Pashkowon the girls’ water polo team states “We were planning on doing a lot of (team building) stuff during the season, but as far as during quarantine, not really.”

Pashkow said that as a team they are for sure keeping in touch and checking in on each other, but they have not been able to do any team Zoom meetings yet.

Although there is a challenge to keep everyone in touch, most spring sports are blooming in this season. Zoom and GroupMe take a huge role in this as spring sports attempt to stay connected.