Paranormal activity in Barrington

Paranormal activity in Barrington

Not everyone believes in the paranormal. *Jill, a sophomore, didn’t really believe in that kind of stuff when she was younger. As she grew older, that changed her perspective.
The first time she remembers something happening was when she was about four years old. She was with her siblings, they had all started crying because they thought they saw something in her closet.

“We were all so young, but I remember it like it was yesterday,” she said.
When Jill’s oldest sister was living with her, she would experience sleep paralysis frequently, it became such a routine thing. She would also sleepwalk. However, her sister never really remembers what happens afterward. As soon as she moved out of the house, though, she was cured. She didn’t experience any of that anymore.

“One night she was crying, and crying, and crying in her sleep. She was almost choking. Eventually, I went and got my mom. In this sleep paralysis episode, someone was choking her,” the student said. “She never remembers a thing that happens. Which is odd because I feel like a lot of people remember everything that happens very vividly.”

Another thing had happened to her oldest sister during the quarantine. She was coming up the basement stairs and into the living room with her dog. The dog was instantly scared and ran away. Right next to the couch, on the floor, she saw a shadowy figure on their hands and knees. They were on all fours as they crawled behind the couch. Her sister thought it was their brother, and pleaded for him to come out.

“She was like ‘Come on, stop it.’ ‘Come on, come out of there.’ A couple of seconds passed and nothing happened. She went and checked and no one was there, which explains why my dog was so terrified and ran right away. When she saw that, she ran away,” the student said.

There were other occurrences with her friends. They would hear whispering and giggling, mistaking it for each other’s voices. However, they all realized it wasn’t them speaking and would become confused. Even her sister and her friends have had experiences where the basement lights would act up. These things can be hard for other people to believe, but they’re real to everyone who has gone through it.

Although sometimes this stuff doesn’t directly happen to the student, it affects her because it takes place in her home, or involves someone she knows and it’s disturbing.

It seems these experiences run in the family. Jill has also experienced the paranormal at her grandparents’ house. The house was made somewhere around the 1850s, and it’s one of the oldest houses in their small town. And a former owner died in the house.

“Right when you get to the house, there’s a creepy vibe. When I was little, I always liked the days rather than the nights ‘cause then I’m just surrounded by darkness,” she said.

Her grandmother admits that very weird things have happened. There used to be a rocking chair above the room where the man passed away. Everyone in the family said it would rock on its own, so they got rid of it. Last summer, she was alone at the house when she would continuously hear whispers coming from above the room where the death occurred.

“I’d hear someone saying ‘It’s okay, it’s me,’ and I’d be really creeped out. I’d be up all night because I didn’t want to sleep. That room always freaked me out, even when I was little. You just get a weird feeling in there; it’s extremely cold, and it’s just eerie,” she said.

Her brother came to visit later in the summer while she continued to hear the whispering. “I couldn’t take it anymore, I started hearing things move around a bit in the room,” she said. She asked if her brother could sleep in the same room as her, and then he started to hear the whispers as well. “The hanger on the door started swinging, it was just really odd,” she said.

She has also experienced weird things in other places. She was with her friends and they were playing with an Ouija board, and right afterward she didn’t feel so good.

“All of a sudden I got such a terrible headache. I’ve had migraines and headaches before, and they weren’t anything compared to this kind of headache. It hurt so bad and I felt like I was going to pass out,” she said. “I was really out of it, I was there but I didn’t feel like I was there. I was really cold too, I felt like ice. One of my friends told me that I was falling asleep but my eyes were open. Nothing has really ever affected me physically until that.”

She expresses that a lot of times she gets paranoid, but then thinks it’s in her head. She likes to try and find explanations before jumping to conclusions.

“Sometimes I get paranoid that there’s something in the dark staring at me. When I feel like someone’s right behind me or following me in my house when no one else is there when I picture things; that’s when I feel like it’s all in my head,” she said. “When I physically feel something or see it happen, or hear it; at first I think ‘Did I imagine that?’ Then, I re-analyze everything and I know it happened.”

Although she’s learned to adapt, these experiences are still weird. “It’s not that terrifying but it’ll always be unsettling,” she said.

This fingerprint remains on the ceiling of the student’s basement. Even though it might not be paranormal, no one in her family knows how it got there which was alarming.