Ready, set, bake!


I have not met one person who has not experienced a baking fail. Smoking ovens, burnt bread and salty cookies; all of these incidents are not only common for us ordinary bakers, but also for the contestants of the Great British Bake Off. This show combines these unfortunate incidents with humor and warmth, creating a show that everyone can enjoy.

In each season, there are a total of twelve contestants, all from different backgrounds and areas of Britain. But as the show continues, you can see how contestants grow closer together and assist each other in critical moments of their bakes. This creates a lovely atmosphere both in the tent where they bake, and for the viewers. This persists even towards the end of each season when things get heated during the finale, which determines who wins the show. And the winner’s prize? A cake stand and flowers; there’s no prize money! And surprisingly, the winner doesn’t receive a cash prize, but a cake stand and some flowers instead.

Another aspect of the contestants that I like is that they are portrayed as human. In most American baking shows, we see the contestants solely in their competitive mode and perhaps a small background about themselves. With the Great British Bake Off however, we are able to see more than that. We get to see them mess up in good humor and interact with other contestants and the judges in a friendly way.
Of all the moments from several seasons of baking, Nadiya’s, a contestant from series 6, are by far my favorite. Throughout the show, we get to see her life through brief clips, from her life with three children, to her encouragement to start baking in the first place. If I compared that to just learning about a contestant’s cake shop business, I would pick the detailed clips any day of the week. We also get to see her humorous side as well, especially when she talks to Paul, one of the judges. No matter what situation she’s in, she always finds time to give him sass, either through her words or through her facial expressions.

There are plenty of other baking shows on Netflix, from Nailed It! to Sugar Rush, but they lack in a core value that the Great British Bake Off exemplifies: a sense of friendliness and cooperation between contestants.

So, if you are looking for your next comfort show, look no further than this article, because the Great British Bake Off is here to take up that space. And good news! There have been new episodes released every Friday until November 26th, so make sure to sit back, make a cup of warm hot chocolate and watch the show!


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