Be “open” to an open!


Going through a typical day of high school might sound easy, but one thing I really hate is feeling burned out. I might not be the only one who thinks this, but I don’t think that a school day should exhaust you. A school day is instead supposed to be interesting and fill you with new information that you didn’t know before.

First of all, I think that students should consider having an open period because students are able to use this time to study, work on homework, and prepare for their next class.

Therefore, an open period provides students with the opportunity to get a head start on their homework. This way they have less to do later and more time for themselves. Students with a busy agenda after school can make really good use of this time and get stuff done before they leave school.

Furthermore, students can also use their open period to study for a test. Students have the opportunity to meet with a tutor in the resource center and ask for help if they need any. During this time, it is also a great idea to look over reviews before your next class. I personally think that this is the best way to make use of an open period.

Consequently, sometimes students might come out of a class really confused and lost and might not feel prepared towards their next class. This is common with everyone since everyday might not be our day. An open period allows students to take a little break and mentally prepare to learn for their next class. Therefore you’ll be ready to learn something new.

I think the following reasons listed above show why having an open period is not only beneficial but can improve your day. It’s important to remember that students need time to themselves and whether that would be for studying or just getting their work done.

However, some individuals might argue that open periods aren’t as significant because they aren’t used properly. They may argue that they serve very little purpose and don’t provide any form of benefits to a student’s learning.
I just think that it matters what you make of it. In an open period, the time is yours for you to do whatever you need to get done. In my experience I think that they are beneficial to students’ learning. Let’s remember that everyone needs a break from time to time because that’s part of being a human. If there’s a chance to make our lives easier, then why not take it