POTW: Library self-checkout

Published October 14, 2019

BHS’s library now has a self-checkout machine!

It allows patrons the ability to check their items out without having to interact with a library employee. It has many benefits, not the least of which is inherent privacy. Many people aren’t comfortable checking out books when they know someone is going to know what they are reading.

For the majority of us, this may not seem like a problem. But consider the 14-year-old struggling with their identity, or someone who may be dealing with a very private illness, or even someone who doesn’t want to be side-eyed because they are picking up a controversial book. These reasons are more than sufficient, but also consider what happens when someone isn’t afforded privacy when they check out an item. They may decide not to pursue that topic, which can be detrimental. Less severe but still worth alleviating, they may just take the book (and may or may not return it).

Be sure to try out the new self checkout machine in the library!

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