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The Student News Site of Barrington High School

The RoundUp

The Student News Site of Barrington High School

The RoundUp

The Student News Site of Barrington High School

The RoundUp

1989 (Taylors Version): Flop, or Bop?

1989 (Taylor’s Version): Flop, or Bop?

Daniel Pashkow and Larsa Mando
Published November 28, 2023

FLOP (Larsa's Version): 1989 by Taylor Swift has always had the tracks we know and love, but her rerecording 1989 (Taylor’s Version) would say otherwise. This is very disappointing, especially since...

Fortnite game cover. Photo from Trusted Reviews.

Why did Fortnite Steal your Boyfriend?

Emily Won, Editor-In-Chief
Published November 27, 2023

Whether you’re a frustrated S.O., parent of a gaming addict, or maybe I’m talking about you, there’s a passionate crowd of mixed reactions when the game Fortnite comes up. But with the new re-addition...

Fall experimental: Little Women

Fall experimental: Little Women

Rainey Roy, Staff Writer
Published November 2, 2023

The experimental play is student-directed by senior Lily Hurlock; she has selected an act from “Little Women” to perform. The fall experimental play takes place on Nov. 2, 3 and 4 at 7pm in the black...

Photo from Flickr

Movies That Scream Halloween Spirit

Natasha Baratta, Print A&E Editor
Published October 31, 2023

For The Scaredy Cats: Coraline A home away from home, that’s the impression 11-year-old Coraline gets when she discovers a secret door in her new home. What lies behind the door is an idealized...

Seniors Riya Sivaraman, Rowan Patel, Sahana Ramesh, Hiral Parikh, Zaina Shethwala, Aashna Shah, Aarna Elavenil, and Krisalyn Lee pose as soccer moms. This was day 1 of Filly Football where seniors were the counterparts to juniors bbq dads. Photo courtesy of Riya Sivaraman ‘24.

THROWback to Filly Football

Hannah Kim, Print Opinions Editor
Published October 8, 2023

Day 1: BBQ dads VS Soccer moms Day 2: Secret agents VS Celebrities Day 3: Babies VS Senior citizens Day 4: Ken VS Barbie Day 5: Game day!  

Photo from The Scottsman.

Babylon: Miss or must-see?

Zoe Marousis, Staff Writer
Published May 13, 2023

Babylon is a show-stopping, star-studded, extravagant film. Starring movie stars like Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Tobey Maguire, not to mention certain unexpected characters. But I’ll get to that later. The...

Photo from IMDb.

The Last of Us: Does it live up to the hype?

Olivia Peyton, Staff Writer
Published April 20, 2023

As someone who doesn’t play video games, but loves watching TV shows, I will be the first to say “The Last of Us” is a great video game-to-show adaptation. The show can be watched on HBO Max. The...

Photo from AllMusic

Patching humanity with morality: A review of SZA’s SOS album

Monse Avalos, Staff Writer
Published April 14, 2023

After a five-year hiatus SZA made her long awaited return to music by releasing the highly anticipated SOS album on Dec. 9, 2022. The album has a tracklist total of 23 songs that include guest appearances...

Person listening to podcast. Photo from Reward Days.

5 podcast reccomendations from high schoolers

Grace den Ouden, A&E Editor
Published April 2, 2023

Podcasts have been on the rise, getting more popular among younger generations. One-in-three adults, ages 18 to 29, say they at least sometimes get news from podcasts, compared with 12% of adults 65 and...

Photo from IMDb

Review: That’s a “You” problem

Abby Monk, Staff Writer
Published March 17, 2023

Warning: This review contains spoilers from the first three seasons of “You”. What happens when a whodunnit doesn’t make you care whodunnit? Unfortunately, the newest season of the hit Netflix...

In “All my Rage”, Tahir collides worlds to create a masterpiece that beautifully navigates the sorrows and love of everyday life.

All My Rage: A delve into two worlds

Anshul Nadendla, Staff writer
Published March 13, 2023

For someone unfamiliar with Punjabi culture, which is within the larger umbrella of Indian/Pakistani culture, reading Sabha Tahir’s “All my Rage” may be a little puzzling. Beautifully described aspects...

Photo from IMDb

That ‘90s Show: A plate of nostalgia with a side of disappointment

Natasha Baratta, Staff Writer
Published March 10, 2023

Spin-offs. You either love them or you hate them. The byproduct of a larger production that is associated with popularity. I think it’s funny how some people are not capable of realizing a spin-off...

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