5 podcast reccomendations from high schoolers


Sascha Kohlmann

Person listening to podcast. Photo from Reward Days.

Podcasts have been on the rise, getting more popular among younger generations. One-in-three adults, ages 18 to 29, say they at least sometimes get news from podcasts, compared with 12% of adults 65 and older, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in July 2021. With this growing platform, students gain a variety of information from different sources. Below are some student recommendations:

1. The Pat McAfee Show

This podcast is entertaining for students curious about sports. It provides commentary on a variety of sports from the perspective of a former professional athlete. McAfee and other guests talk about current sports news and also tell personal stories from their experiences as an athlete.
“It helps me with homework because I can never focus with music. I switched to podcasts and the talking helps my focus level, so I’ve been a lot more productive. I’m interested in sports and I love hearing cool stories. Pat is a great storyteller and I’m always interested in hearing his experiences,” junior Jett Proctor said.

2. How I Built This with Guy Raz

This podcast could be beneficial for students who are interested in entrepreneurship or thinking about doing business incubator during their highschool career. In this podcast, Guy Raz interviews a different successful entrepreneur in each episode. The guest explains the inspiration behind their product, and the difficulties they experienced. Not only is this podcast business-based, but it dives into productivity and teambuilding, perfect for those interested in more leadership-based advice.
“I have been able to apply this podcast to my own business that I started with four of my classmates through the business incubator/accelerator course. I have been able to extend my customer marketing tactics, as well as become more comfortable with meeting people and learning how to build my connections. This podcast has really helped spark my passion in marketing and entrepreneurship,” senior Tiffany Chien said.

3. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

This podcast talks about a range of topics and answers questions people tweet to Emma Chamberlain. From mental health and fashion to love and careers, the entertaining podcast provides advice and an escape for teens.
“I definitely would recommend this podcast to others in need of advice when there’s no one else to go to for it. The biggest thing I’ve learned from this podcast is to value myself more. It taught me to never take things to heart, and one comment shouldn’t be held onto for the rest of my life. This has helped me grow to be a better person and think before I say something,” senior Nikki Siriboon said.

4. Zane and Heath: Unfiltered

This comedic podcast talks about current events, and also how those events impact their lives, especially in the social media world. A funny listen that entertains with humor and provides a sense of relatability for some.
“This podcast is showing me to not take life so seriously, because I feel like at the end of the day, each life experience just gives you another funny story to tell. All those things that happened become funny little anecdotes. It’s given me an outlet to just sit back, relax and have a good laugh when I’m feeling a tad bit stressed out,” senior Jessica Maggio said.

5. The How of Business by Henry Lopez


This podcast is useful for those interested in business. It gives insight on how to start a business, and the things you need to learn in order to own a business and become successful.
“It’s taught me the importance of a good morning; wake up early, meditate and plan out my day. It’s helped me become more focused in every area of my life. I’m interested in becoming a businessman and running my own business in the future, and this podcast is about how to achieve that. I’ve learned how important time is, which is something I took for granted beforehand,” senior Isaac Younus said.