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The Student News Site of Barrington High School

The RoundUp

The Student News Site of Barrington High School

The RoundUp

The Student News Site of Barrington High School

The RoundUp

Photo courtesy of Aiden Mason, 24.
Solar Eclipse 2024
Anika Wadhwa, Editor-in-Chief • Published April 8, 2024

Photo courtesy of Aiden Mason, '24. Today---April 8---students gathered outside to catch a glimpse of the...

Collection of different Grove Avenues artwork coming from grades K-5
Grove’s Treasure Trove
Abby Monk, Hannah Kim, Adia Strunk, Jake Drage, and Ava LutsiPublished March 4, 2024

Sophomore Ava Lutsi observes the new Andy Warhol artwork from Grove Elementary School’s students. The series has been featured in the high...

Joie Zaehler, 26, (left), poses with therapy dogs during a SOUL Buddies club meeting. Zaehler, a SOUL Buddies member, has worked with a variety of different therapy animals with the club. Photo provided by Joie Zaehler, 26.
Sharing of Unconditional Love
Olivia Peyton, Sports Editor • Published March 4, 2024

While the rest of us are horsing around, every week, sophomore Joie Zaehler is spending her time with dogs, ponies and other furry friends with...

Students in the Bfit class are pictured playing basketball.
Bfit or Bflop?
Avery Erickson, Hassan Javed, Rainey Roy, Anika Wadhwa, and Natasha BarattaPublished March 3, 2024

A new PE format “Bfit” was introduced earlier this year. The goal of this format is to get students interested and proactive about their...

Hooray for Hall Posts?

How does BHS feel about all the new changes to the school’s new hallway policies? After getting a semester to adjust, hall monitors and students voice their opinions on how the hallways of BHS are now run.
The hallway by the Fine Arts wing is empty of students. This academic hallway is closed during class periods. Photo by Alana Zink, ‘27

With increased regulations on hallway policy, many teachers now see themselves monitoring the hallways throughout the day.

During the eight-period school day, teachers teach during five periods, as well as have a planning period and a lunch. The last remaining period is designated as a “duty assignment” period. Teachers have six options for this duty assignment, one of which is to be a hall monitor during class periods.

“We monitor that kids are where they’re supposed to be and that the hallways are closed,” English teacher Constantina Giannakopoulos said.

Teachers Mercedes Beltran (left) and Constantina Giannakopoulos (right) sit next to each other during their hall monitoring period. They make sure that students are where they are supposed to be during fifth period. Photo by Alana Zink, ‘27

Teacher presence is also dependent on the amount of traffic through that hallway.

“It depends on if it’s an essential hall duty or a regular hall duty. [The hallway between the Coffee Bar and the Upper Atrium] is considered an essential hall because there’s a lot of traffic that goes through here every day,” Spanish teacher Mercedes Beltran said. “We have to make sure that students are not going where they’re not supposed to because [this hallway] is closed during class periods.”

For teachers, closing the academic hallways has proven to be beneficial to classes.

“I think it’s really important that kids are where they’re supposed to be and that teachers are able to teach in quieter settings,” Giannakopoulos said. “I don’t think there’s anything about the new policy that isn’t in everyone’s best interest.”

Students have also voiced their thoughts on the changes they’re seeing in the halls.

“I think it’s definitely stricter than it was last year because we were able to walk more freely around the school, but I think it also makes sense [to] prevent people from skipping class,” sophomore Molly Seifert said.

I don’t think there’s anything about the new policy that isn’t in everyone’s best interest.

— Constantina Giannakopoulos

However, students also feel that while they make sense, these new restrictions do have their downsides.

“I think it’s helping a lot with people who skip class, but sometimes even if you go to the bathroom, the hallway monitors get mad at you. I was just going to the bathroom from my class and [the teacher] wasn’t letting me go back,” sophomore Anika Mushyam said.

For students who follow the rules, the policy can get in the way of daily necessities.

“I don’t skip class — I wouldn’t do that. The hall monitors assume every time with the IDs that you’re skipping, and they’re also really interrogative,” sophomore Suha Salim said.

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