Top 10 hits that made 2020 better

Top 10 hits that made 2020 better

Last year was certainly an unusual year for pop music. 2020 provided listeners with some unforgettable songs. Despite only being a couple months into 2021, some songs have already reached millions of streams within of release.

As with all of the other experiences 2020 has brought us, no one can argue that last year has been unforgettable. Here are seven songs to remember 2020 by and two songs that made 2021 just that much more bearable.

Olivia Rodrigo, “drivers license”

This song is totally applicable to the thousands of teenagers experiencing heartbreak and getting their licenses. The debut single from the 17-year-old Disney actress became a TikTok smash, broke Spotify records and topped the Billboard chart all within a week’s worth of time. The song is a time capsule showing Rodrigo’s personal life which can be relatable to many. Believe it or not, I have only ever listened to the bridge of this hit song because it was all I heard on TikTok for weeks. Despite many playing this song on repeat, I have only listened to it twice, and that’s not counting the copious amounts of times I’ve heard it on TikTok. Maybe once I get my license this’ll become my “driving vibes” song.

ZAYN, “Vibez”

This song is exactly like its title, nothing but ‘Vibez.’The new father released his song at midnight of 2021 surprising all his fans with a dreamy, ethereal debut single. In what feels almost like a continuation of Zayn’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single “Pillowtalk”,the calm undertones add to the chill ‘vibes’ of the single which will surely make it to your weekend playlist. I’m going to be honest, I listen to this song about twenty times a day. I was never into Malik’s music up until recently. After listening to “Vibez” for the first time, I went full on stalker-mode and listened to his two other albums and probably gave him hundreds of streams on “Vibez.”

SZA, “Good Days”

SZA and her latest single “Good Days” is arranged as a soothing, ambient build up rather than an immediate contemporary beat. The vibe of the song is undeniably natural, calm and almost hypnotic which explains how people, me being one of them, couldn’t stop streaming it. Immediately, the single became a worldwide hit reaching No. 1 on US Spotify Streaming Chart by January 5. As a SZA fan myself, I fell in love with this song right away. My favorite time to play this song is when I’m driving with friends and just letting go of any stress in my life.

Taylor Swift, “cardigan”

“Folklore” was a gift that no Taylor Swift fan saw coming. The lead single, “cardigan,” is a modern folktale representing how one’s first true love can fit like a perfect article of clothing you’d all but forgotten about. This piano ballad-filled single serves as a centerpiece of the entire “Folklore” album, wrapping fans in a cozy welcome of Swift creating yet another Hot 100 No.1 Hit. This song wasn’t always my top choice from “Folklore” but after giving it a few listens, I’ve quickly grown to the comfort the song gives me I’m wearing my favorite joggers and avoiding my math homework.

Shawn Mendes, “Wonder”

The drums! The beat-drop! The vocals! Shawn Mendes embarks on this epic track “Wonder” ushered in an album of the same name and in a Netflix documentary. Some could argue that “Wonder,” the album and the track, single-handedly saved 2020 with its lyrics threading through Mendes’s album regarding anxiety about the fan-star dynamic and the emptiness it masks. I played this song on repeat for a good two weeks and even now it’s still like the first time I’ve ever listened to it.

Harry Styles, “Golden”

Harry Styles’s album “Fine Line” opener song “Golden” serves as a building block for the rest of the songs on his three-time Grammy-nominated album. As a Harry Styles fan myself, there is no doubt I was sobbing my eyes out when the album was released. “Golden” is an ethereal tune representing hopelessly falling in love, with the lyrics “I know that you’re scared because hearts get broken.” Styles also implements the idea of self growth and looking for the ‘golden’ in bad days. The sophisticated, Italy-set music video just makes Styles’s “Golden” that much more of a hit song, making me want to get up, dance and forget about all my worries. Coming in at 274,418,139 streams, this song has definitely been my ‘feel good’ song of the year.

Conan Gray, “Heather”

It’s rare that a song becomes a universally understood tune within months of its release. But “Heather,” the hit off of Conan Gray’s debut “Kid Krow” accomplished just that. Shortly before becoming his very first Hot 100 entry, the song’s title became a top hit on TikTok for a beautiful girl that one is jealous of. It’s understandable why; the gorgeous ballad recreates a vivid memory of hating someone you’d otherwise like just fine because your crush is crushing on them. This stand-alone single has gotten me through some times of my own as I constantly queued the song until my family and friends were ready to cancel my Spotify premium subscription.

BENEE ft. Gus Dapperton, “Supalonely”

This sad song packed in a upbeat, retro vibe quickly became a popular song on TikTok, along with a trendy hit dance and over 8.4 million videos with the song. “Supalonely” is perfectly suitable with the pandemic considering the song lyrics talks about the struggle of getting your emotions under control while feeling down about yourself. “Supalonely” also became the hit song, not only on TikTok, but with 510,737,724 streams on Spotify. I have created my fair share of TikToks under this song but it hasn’t always been my first pick. I also only know one part of the song, lyrically and choreographically because I spend a unhealthy amount of time on TikTok.

Brockhampton, “SUGAR”

Four years after their debut album, Brockhampton created their first Hot 100 entry with Ginger’’s “Sugar,” also in thanks to a viral dance that quickly blew up on TikTok. The song’s success on the app comes as no surprise – its euphoric harmonies, unforgettable lyrics and seamless blend of hip-hop and alternative R&B check off all the boxes for a Gen-Z smash hit. This song transports me back to when I was a freshman, but specifically football season. I can’t explain why but those memories are so important to me. Probably because those were the scariest but best times of my school year, and that is completely normal for anyone incoming freshman!

Maybe a global pandemic wasn’t all that bad with all the hit songs and music videos artist’s have created to keep us on our toes. Music is an outlet, whether it be for creativity, emotional support, or to just let loose. Hopefully these ten songs made one’s 2020 a bit more bearable and 2021 as a year to look forward to because they sure have helped me through some rough patches.

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