A deeper look into how blended classes positively impact students

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Blended classes have recently been the rise to fame as more schools start to adding them into their academic courses. As for I, being a student of three blended classes think it deserves that fame. Blended classes meet the needs of all kinds of students. These classes adjust to students individual strengths and weaknesses. Blended classes helps students academically, socially and can relieve a lot of stress for a student.

Not only are blended classes proven to be academically positive, they put students in a better environment  by Letting them choose where and how to learn. It gives students flexibility with their learning space, meaning a student can match the setting to the way they learn. Personally I like to be somewhere in the commons on my blended days where I can work, eat and be with people; others might want to sit alone in the quite commons if needed. Either way blended classes are flexible to individual students needs and that’s amazing for students who work better out of the classroom environment.

There have been many times where I have been crushed for work in a class and had what felt like a billion things due in the upcoming periods. These are the days blended class save my butt. Being able to take a class off a specific period that you might need to work on a different subject or just relax has amazing benefits including mental health. When i’m swamped with pressure in and out of school and i’m too flustered to get things done blended days are heros to my brain. Mental health is crucial for high school students to maintain especially at such a young age. I think we can all agree school work can be very stressful but being able to learn the way I want takes so much of that stress away.

On days I stay in the classroom during blended days my learning is personalized. Since there are less students in the class it feels more personal and  teaching is individualized by adapting to the way students learn. With less people there it’s easier to focus on the subject at hand.

Blended courses should be more accessible for students that are responsible with their time and school work. These classes benefits students and teachers in so many ways that aren’t just academically and help prep student’s for the real world.