Bonding between people and pets

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Say hello to the Andreae family pets! Tiffany and Wayne Andreae, along with their two sons, Carter and Parker, share the everyday joy of four precious angels; Brody, Guinness, Greg, and Dart.

“Carter and Parker had many fish and turtles, but they really wanted a dog. They begged for years for a dog and finally two years ago we all agreed. There’s nothing quite like a dog for playing, roughhousing and just feeling loved,” Tiffany Andreae said.

Brody is a rescue who spends most of his time with Carter, he truly is a man’s best friend. Both boys are very outdoorsy, bonding through the woodland on their property and going fishing and hunting together.

“He’s with me all the time and follows me around everywhere. I always take him when I go outside and run around with him on the four-wheeler,” Carter Andreae said.

Tiffany Andreae always says “Brody” means “long jump” in another language because since he was a baby, he’d always jump really far.

“The dog we had before Carter and Parker were born did not go on any furniture. However, everyone likes to have Brody or Guinness cuddle so we broke that pet rule,” Tiffany said.

Greg and Dart are two bass’ that Carter caught while fishing, and took home to love. Greg is huge, but a sweetheart who’s about two years old, and Dart (a newer addition to the family), is only a couple months old. Caught during winter ice fishing, Dart got his name when Carter fed him for the first time; he dropped a single minnow in the fish tank and Dart shot across the tank… like a dart!

Greg has a 60-gallon tank which is separate from Dart, who has a 25-gallon because Greg is very territorial. None of them require special care, but these two fishies eat goldfish, which the family buys every week.

“We stumbled into having cats when Carter’s friend moved to New Zealand and we intended to take Guinness temporarily. He became part of the family and we all agreed it was best for us to keep him,” Tiffany Andreae said.

The Andreae’s don’t currently plan on getting more pets, but you never know when a big fish might get stuck in the right net.

“It’s always great to see how much stress they can relieve and happiness they can bring.  No matter how difficult the day is or how much stress school has caused, having Guinness curl up purring or Brody come bounding up so excited to see them just lights up Carter & Parker. There is nothing else that could take that place,” Tiffany said.