How bout’ some history?

How bout some history?

History is one of the subjects people have iffy feelings about. Some people, like my dad, are history buffs and love all things history whereas others despise the subject. I fall in the middle; I think history is interesting but it’s not my favorite subject to study. I want to love history like my dad, who can recite anything about the Cold War. 

About a year ago a movie came out called On The Basis Of Sex and I watched this movie twice with my mom first, and then my friends. I loved it so much and thought that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was so great. It’s about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is the second woman to be a Justice of the Supreme Court. I think that she is such a good role model despite her age because she has done so much for sex discrimination. Not many people know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, so I will enlighten you. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an activist for women’s right and fights against sex discrimination in trials and cases. She is also a lawyer and graduated from Columbia Law School and attended Harvard Law. As a lawyer, she helps men and women who are discriminated against because of their gender. 

She was heavily discriminated against at Harvard Law and was told that she was taking the chair of a better-suited man. She transferred to Columbia and thrived there, but her professor would not write a recommendation for her to clerk for a Supreme Court Justice at the time. She still got a job as a professor than a lawyer than a Supreme Court Justice. 

Greatness does not even begin to describe Ruth Bader Ginsburg because she has done so much to ensure that sex discrimination lessen. Personally, I do think that she is a little old to still be a Supreme Court Justice because most other people her age are retired. She has been a great advocate for women’s rights and sex discrimination, and even after some setbacks, she managed to have such a successful and influential career.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more columns by me about history. I hope you learned something new!