Real tree vs. fake tree

The smell of Christmas is different for many people, but for me, it’s the smell of an evergreen Christmas tree. When I walk in my house at the end of the day, or when I wake up and smell my Christmas tree, it fills me with joy.

There is some debate about having a real Christmas tree or having a fake Christmas tree. Personally, I think the pros of having a real Christmas tree overpower the pros of having a fake tree.

With a real tree, there is the experience of getting it. Some go to a tree farm and cut it down themselves, or some, like me, go to Home Depot right when it opens to get the best and fullest tree there is.

“I have a real Christmas tree, and it’s better because there’s the whole tradition of going out to the farm and cutting it down and it makes your house smell good.” sophomore Teagan Buckley said.

There is a hassle when it comes to a real tree, however, because the pine needles fall off in the house, and traveling with the tree on top of your car can cause some anxiety. Nevertheless, the smell is intoxicating with the Christmas spirit.

Fake trees can be more efficient, because then you don’t have to go out and take time out of your day to buy one every single year, but some do still have to take time to decorate the tree. Some people have had their fake trees for many years, reusing them and saving a little bit of the environment.

“I think the fake tree is easier because you don’t have to lug it into your house or strap it to the roof of your car, and you don’t have to keep on buying a new one,” sophomore Esme Demuth said. “You could just reuse the one you already have, which is really good for the environment because you don’t have to keep chopping down trees.”

There is a strong argument for fake trees over real trees based on the environmental aspect. However, according to Michele Berger and Camille Mann from, “An artificial tree must be used for at least seven years before it becomes the most environmentally friendly option.”

My dad composts our Christmas tree after the holiday. He does this every year, which is beneficial for the environment.
Some families have traditions of going out and getting their tree while others just get it from the basement and have an easy setup. Each family has a strong preference, and ultimately it’s what the family chooses.

With my family, my dad likes to wait as long as possible to get the tree, and my mom rearranges the furniture to make space for the Christmas tree. My brother and I help decorate the tree and the house while we all listen to Christmas music in order to get in the spirit.

“I don’t mind having a fake tree, but the thing that I miss is the smell of a real Christmas tree,” Demuth said.

The picture that I paint of Christmas is a tall, decorated, real tree with presents underneath, right next to the fireplace. This picture is etched into my memory, because every year it comes to life Christmas morning. The real tree, candles, and the fireplace all emanating wintry smells make me so happy.