Fall in love with these books this Valentines Day

Everyone has their own opinions on holidays, and though we all know about Valentines Day, how we spend it is completely different. Here are some Valentines Day books that are all quick and lighthearted for all of those people. On any other day, these books would be perceived differently, but on Valentines Day, there is an exception.

Night Owls
Jenn Bennett
This book is about a high school girl who is an artist that loves drawing anatomy. On the night bus she meets a guy thats there everyday and for some reason she decides to get to know him and his dark past.
By Your Side
Kasie West
This is about Autumn, who is a popular high school girl and one night while she was studying in the library she gets locked in and realizes that she’s not the only one locked in the library.

To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before
Jenny Han
This is a classic young adult romance books and with the second movie coming out it is perfect. This first book is about Lara Jean, who likes writing love letters to guys she likes, but never sends them. Instead she keeps them in a box but one day all of the letters accidently got sent out. Watching the story unfold was fun and lighthearted and the second book is the exact same. The send books’ movie comes out on Febuary 12, 2020.
Starry Eyes
Jenn Bennett
This book takes place in the midst of summer and revolves around the past of a young couple that recently broke up for unknown reasons. In the summer they somehow end up being in the same group for a camping trip and one morning the two of them wake up to see that their other friends left them; and they are stranded.
Let it Snow
John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson
This is an anthology of three mini stories that somehow all connect. All three authors created stories that perfectly go onto the appeals of any kind of reader. In one mini story there will be side characters and those side characters become main characters in the next mini stories. All of the mini stories take place in a small town and puzzling together the winter stories was the best part. Everything comes together at the end.