What to do in quarantine: Baking edition

Baking has always been a part of my life. I spend lots of days over the summer and school year making cookies to share with friends or just to eat them with my family. Since COVID-19, I have had a lot more time on my hands and I have spent that time baking. (This article is not sponsored by Tasty, but that’s where I find all my best recipes)

Recipe #1: Homemade Oreos 


I was seriously craving Oreos when the stay at home order hit, so I had to improvise and make my own instead. I had to substitute dark cocoa powder for regular unsweetened cocoa powder. I used my mom’s college shot glass to cut out the cookies so that they were the same uniform shape. I was pleasantly surprised that these cookies turned out AMAZING! They took about 3 hours to make, which could be a problem for some people, but this made approximately 60 sandwich cookies and they were so delicious. I would definitely make these again; they definitely cured my Oreo craving.

Recipe #2 : Microwave chocolate chip cookie for one 


After I made my entire batch of “Oreo” cookies, my mom said we had too many cookies in the house; however, I wanted to have a chocolate chip cookie. This recipe was also way less time consuming with a much smaller serving size (hence, a cookie for one). I’m not sure if I didn’t have the right ingredients or if there was too much sugar, but I didn’t like the way it turned out. It was way too sugary and crispy. I prefer my cookies soft, so that could have also been a factor. However, my dad and sister really enjoyed it, so it wasn’t a total flop.