Go green or go home


This lockdown has led to many civilians adopting new skills. Cooking, a very popular example, showing how many strive to create edible art. Not just creating, but trying new diets! Vegetarianism is a great healthy way to avoid quarantine comfort food and begin cooking healthy, green dishes.

If you’re tired of bland chicken or fat-infested steak, then going green may be for you. Did you know that cows account for a huge part of greenhouse gases? Meaning steak, burgers, and beef highly affect our world in a negative manner. On high moral ground, look at the positive effect you’ll have on our planet! Even though it’s not a huge sacrifice, not eating meat can help impact climate change just a little.

And speaking of changing just a little, from my experience as a vegetarian, I found myself with an abundance of energy and feeling much better about the food I put in my body. A large amount of energy comes from fiber, and since plants are fiber-rich and healthy substitutes of meat, you may find yourself much more alert. Greens are also a much lighter food, leaving you not feeling heavy after a meal.

“It’s an inconvenience when going out to eat” is a common excuse to avoid this nutritious diet. Most menus have a vegetarian section! If they don’t, then what a perfect excuse to sway your family and friends to go to restaurants that are your favorites.

On another note, being vegetarian is cheaper for the most part. Meat is typically the most expensive portion of a meal. Therefore, you can go green, in multiple ways!

One important piece of information that should be noted: B-12 is a vitamin only found in meat, meaning vegetarians have to take B-12 supplement pills in order to make sure they are getting their appropriate nutrients. Other than that, being vegetarian isn’t much of a hassle.

Trying new things won’t hurt you. In this case, it may even lead to an extensive amount of benefits. Go green or go home!