Tips for teachers

Tips for teachers

Quarantine has made school strenuous. High schoolers struggle to grasp subjects and are tortured through virtual learning. But there is a way to improve this: students could benefit from little fixes that teachers can improve on.

To start, what happened to grade our homework? During a regular school day, graded homework may seem like a complete drag. With E-learning, a lot of students are confused about their assignments and the work they are completing. If all of our teachers looked over our submitted work and left constructive feedback, this could immensely help students sustain their grades and develop a better understanding of the work they’re doing.

Another helpful tip could include a more organized schedule. It’s easy to know what’s happening the day work is assigned, but what about for the following month? Having a weekly schedule could help students get ahead of the curve and prep for future lessons.

There are visual, audio, and hands-on learners. Teachers should have resources for all of them! Most teachers have a youtube video or a reading assignment, but why not both? Some students have difficulty learning one way or the other.

This would monumentally help students learn during this difficult time.

E-learning can be very difficult for students and teachers. The little things that teachers can do to help go a long way, and in the long term will help their students retain their E-learning work.