The power of manifestation


Manifestation is all around us, from the things that we do to the stuff we speak aloud. However, it’s experienced a surge in the past year due to media (such as Tiktok), books and just word of mouth.

Manifestation first gained notice when the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne came out in 2006. This book notes and explores The Law of Attraction, which is the idea of manifesting your goals and desires. This book grew in popularity due to its new concept, but now in 2021 manifestation and the law of attraction are spread around and better known through apps like Instagram and Tiktok, where videos and posts share this idea.

According to Psychology Today, “The word manifestation means to turn an idea into a reality.” First you have an idea, whether it is to be successful or famous, or something more simple, like becoming a more confident person. Turning those ideas into a reality is the true art of manifestation.

Now how do you actually try and manifest something for yourself?

Well, the answer is simple: whatever way works best for you!

For me, I find that writing a sentence down over and over can help, as well as repeating phrases, journaling, writing down your goals, creating a mood board and just overall thinking positive sayings, such as, “This will happen, I will become this.” Thinking these things and believing the words highly improves your chances of manifesting something. 

Manifestation is very powerful so be careful how you phrase your thoughts and desires, and you need to strongly believe that it will work, and eventually- with your own work put in- it will.

I truly believe that you can achieve any of your own goals, through hard work and determination of course, but also using your own power of manifestation. Repeatedly thinking something, writing it down, or using your positive attitude, will bring positive results into the world.

And when you believe that something can happen, and you put that positive energy out into the world, it will.

When I tell people that I like to manifest, they usually have one of two questions: ‘How do you actually manifest something?’ or, ‘Is there scientific evidence that manifestation works?’ Well to answer the second question, yes! Even though manifestation is solely saying or thinking something to help it come true, there has been science proving that it works.

For example, Psychology Today explains how research made by Dr. Carol Dweck shows that believing that you can do something makes it a lot more likely that it will happen. This is also known as having a growth mindset, and it really does positively affect how well you can manifest something.

I truly think that manifestation works, but only if you put the work into it. It may not work right away. You may find that a year later the thing that you manifested and wished for just came true; so timing can be a tricky factor. When I manifest something I find that if I just manifest it, but don’t put the work in, it doesn’t work as well. And putting in the work right away helps for it to manifest quicker.

I love to manifest because it makes me happier. During quarantine I manifested that I will become happier and content with the smaller things in life, when we couldn’t travel or go anywhere. I worked on myself, doing hobbies I love, such as reading, working out and spending time with friends. I told myself that I was happy and listed the small things I was grateful for.

Now that we are out of quarantine, I still savor the small things and feel happier overall because I took charge and manifested last year. 

Now I still manifest and one of my favorite things to do is to wake up and say to myself that it will be a great day. I will try to be productive at school, be social and truly put out positive energy, and I find that it comes back to me, either in the form of compliments, doing well on a test or even just feeling good about my day at the end of it.

Ever since I started to manifest I’ve found that I’m happier, more grateful, have a more positive outlook and have a clearer idea of the things that I want to achieve.

The universe reacts to your own energy. If you wake up every morning and decide to be happy, the universe will react and in return bring you happy and positive results. I have experienced this and it does work. Being a glass half full person will make things seem better and help you to manifest what you truly want! 

So writing down goals- whether it’s to travel the world when you grow up or to feel confident- and practicing and believing that they will come true can help you accomplish whatever you want in life. Staying positive and keeping up your own energy through manifestation is truly powerful. The more you learn about it and apply these habits to your everyday life, the more you will start to see a change in your own life and goals.

So use your own energy and attitude to manifest your dream life and goals for 2021! You can do it!