Dear high schoolers: A letter from senior Aliyyah Zaidi


People say high school goes by in a flash, but for me, it’s been four long, agonizing years. I’ve learned a lot of things, both about myself and the people around me, and as much as I wish I could give some genius advice that’ll totally change the course of your high school career, I really can’t do that. You have to learn for yourself. You have to stumble and fall and get yourself back up on your own. Most of your life lessons will be taught by you alone. 

But if you really want to know, I’ll tell you a little secret- one of my biggest regrets from high school. I wish I did more. I wish I went to all the school dances, even the dumb ones. I wish I tried out for that sport I never played or I went to that one person’s birthday party. I wish I had more fun. I spent too much time at home when I could have been with my friends or going out or doing something a normal high schooler does.

I can hear your objections now. “I need to get a 100% in this class so I can go to my fancy private college!” “I need to be the best player on the soccer team!” “I need to blah blah blah!” I can promise you that we’re all going to die and none of this matters. If studying or playing soccer or doing whatever makes you happy, then do it! But don’t let it steal the joy from everything else you could be doing in your life.

So just chill and enjoy the ride. Be yourself everyday and don’t let the day-to-day details get you down. Obviously, mind your studies and don’t do anything unsafe, but do the things that make you happy and find joy in being a Barrington Student. High school is four years, and it’s up to you what you make of them.