South Asian Student Association club starts up again in new school year

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The South Asian Student Association (SASA) Club is open to South Asian students and anyone interested in learning about South Asian culture. SASA hopes to be an inclusive space where everyone feels comfortable sharing and learning about the culture. They meet every Thursday after school in room C236.

The club has many social events and hands-on activities. They most recently prepared Diwali decorations to put up around the front entrance of the school on November 4 (Diwali).

“We have a ‘Happy Diwali’ sign, diya (candle), wall mala (string) decorations and paper flower wall pieces,” President, Ananya Sharma, ‘23, said.

The club has an upcoming Diwali event on November 8 and will have several other events that celebrate South Asian culture and holidays. These events and holidays are recommended by the club’s diverse South Asian members.

SASA highlights balancing Western and South Asian cultures and the struggles that come with.

“We hope they can be happy while combining their Western American culture with their Indian, or Pakistani, or Maldivian culture,” Vice President Krishiv Bector, ‘25, said.

One of the club’s main goals is to help students feel confident about where they come from and in sharing their culture with other people.

“Our goal is to make sure every person who is either not South Asian or is South Asian feels comfortable about where they’re from,” Bector said. “We hope to encourage them to speak out about where they come from.”

Although SASA is not new, the members hope to give the club a new image.
“We are trying to revive it… make it more receptive and just have a great time,” Bector said.