Meet the editor: Emily Won


Hello! I’m Emily, one of the Features editors for TheRoundUp this year. This is my second year as part of the print, and my first year as a section editor. I decided to take journalism because of my passion for writing and storytelling.

Although most of my journalism experience has been fully virtual, I was lucky enough to have the guidance of three editors-in-chief and our adviser Ms. Minerva. Much of the class is heavily centered around teamwork and a vibrant social atmosphere. With students from all four grades, I’ve definitely met a lot of people who inspired me. Journalism plays such an undercover role in our community, and I highly suggest joining if you want to partake in an integral part of Barrington.

My goals for this year is to incorporate more human-interest elements that focus on an individual story. I personally love writing feature stories because of its ability to fully highlight the narrative of a topic or person, no matter how relevant you think it is. Another goal of mine is to practice leadership skills in mentoring first-year writers and help facilitate their year in journalism.

I look forward to working with staff, students and our community!