Meet the editor: Mia Fischel


Hi! I’m Mia, the sports editor this year! I’m a senior and this is my third and last year in journalism, and my first year as a section editor. I’m really interested in writing and photography, so this class was a perfect option for me.

Freshman year when I walked into the room for the first time, I was immediately overwhelmed but also intrigued. I was really nervous, and had a hard time interviewing people, but over the years my communication and writing skills have both improved. Every year that I’ve been a part of this staff, I have met new and amazing people with interesting stories!

Last year on Zoom I was a copy editor, and while the environment was different from being in person, we still made it work and had a lot of fun! My goals for this year – being back in person for the first time in a while – are to continue working with new people and have fun writing! I would also like to write more features, as well as experiment in writing for different sections.

Overall, journalism is a really fun class and I’m always learning something new whether it’s writing, photography, design, or other elements of making a newspaper.