Meet the editor: Isabel Sesin


Hi! My name is Isabel Sesin and I am one of the three editors-in-chief this year. This is my fourth and final year in Journalism.

Signing up for electives in 8th grade, I thought that this class would be a creative writing class but my first day proved the contrary. Joining this class exposed me to so many different voices in the student body and has brought me very close friendships. I still talk with the people I met my freshman year through this class.

Last year, I was the news editor and enjoyed talking with writers about advancing their stories. Challenging them to go in-depth and find out everything they can fills me with purpose. I tried to paint myself as someone who they could go to for advice and help.

This year, I hope to bring the print issues to life. With the addition of color this year, we can do so much more. As we continue, I hope that each issue builds and builds, continuing to get better and better!

I am super proud of everything that I have accomplished in this class and cannot wait to use what I learned in a new environment! I look forward to working with writers and editors and helping them better their craft.