Meet the editor: Neha Doppalapudi


Hi! I’m Neha, one of the news editors for the RoundUp this school year! I’ve been a part of the RoundUp staff since my freshman year of high school, a year ago.

My first year in journalism was spent entirely online – a weird experience, considering so much of this class is about collaboration and voice. Still, I knew that journalism was going to be something I stuck with for the rest of high school. It combines a variety of interests, drawing on skills such as photography, storytelling, design, and more. And then, of course, there’s the added bonus of meeting so many amazing people who share that love for stories, photos, and eye-catching design. Last year, I was a copy editor as well as a member of the social media team. Those roles alone allowed me to see the many different ways one could approach Journalism. It’s truly one of those classes that has something for everyone.

This year, I hope to write engaging and entertaining stories for the RoundUp, whether that story be a news piece covering a recent trend or a review of a popular movie. I hope to spread the word that the RoundUp exists and that in it, there are stories for every kind of reader.