Graduation stage to the big stage


The infamous last minute submissions of college applications, scheduling college tours, and waiting for acceptance letters may be familiar to the average high school senior, but for Kaitlin Tenbrunsel it’s the numerous casting calls, lines to rehearse, and auditions to attend to.

Tenbrunsel has been infatuated with music since she and her dad would go to local theater shows, and the moment she got her hands on a toy microphone as a child. Now she’s moved on from plastic microphones, to the big stage in the upcoming Broadway musical, Children of Eden, running this summer of 2022.

Tenbrunsel, who finds inspiration for her work from (the one and only) Harry Styles and her parents who are in their own band, has spent the last two years preparing for her role in Children of Eden, after being scouted by a talent agent at age 15 while playing a lead role of Eponine in the well known musical Les Mis through Schaumburg on Stage.

“In life I’m not going to get incredible opportunities like Children of Eden so easily,” Tenbrunsel said.

Tenbrunsel has devoted much of her social life preparing for the show business world, with going to last minute auditions, hiring a manager, and even starring in a short film that will be showcased in the near future.

Although, like many celebrities themselves say, it isn’t all glamorous.

Despite the support Tenbrunsel has received from family friends and colleagues, she has received occasional criticism from peers.

“I do get the most backlash from my peers. Just the occasional ‘Oh you’re not going to make it in that business” Tenbrunsel said.

But Tenbrunsel continues to pursue her passion by achieving accomplishments one after another. Recently Tenbrunsel was cast for the lead role of Sophie, in the high school’s production of Mamma Mia, showing in late February.

Tenbrunsel’s goal for her life looks different from most seniors, since she does not plan on attending college after graduating in 2022. Instead she is taking a gap year to pursue her career on stage.

“For me personally, I don’t think that college is my path. I’m not saying it’s not a path for everyone else, of course, but for me getting hands-on experience with this upcoming musical is what I truly want to do in my life,” Tenbrunsel said.

When given a once in a lifetime opportunity, it seems impossible to say no. Which is exactly why Tenbrunsel is diving right into the world of show business.

Tenbrunsel’s long term goal as an actress is to eventually star in a blockbuster film, preferably an action movie, something similar to the Marvel franchise.

As for singing, right now she posts covers on her youtube channel, @ Kaitlin Ten. But she ultimately hopes to release an album and record her own music professionally.

“I’ve posted covers on my youtube and other platforms, but to produce and create my own music is what I have a real passion for.” Tenbrunsel said.

Tenbrunsel has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, and she’s running with it.

“The place that I see myself the happiest is with my family, surrounded by music and theatre. It’s as simple as that.” Tenbrunsel said after being asked where she sees herself the happiest in life.