Opinion: The dos and don’ts of the hallway


Walking through the school hallways is a shared experience, it’s something we have all done. I remember when walking through hallways and changing classes every period seemed fun and exciting in elementary school. Boy, have my feelings changed. After my first semester of high school, here is a list of things that people do in the hallways that make my blood boil.

Let’s start off with the couples. I understand that high school is when many people get into their first relationship which leads them to be either overly affectionate or not affectionate at all.
To the overly affectionate couples, please stop making out in the hallways. What makes you think a crowded hallway is the place to do that? You are taking up space and scarring me for life. I don’t mind it when you link arms but please don’t walk extra slow or stop randomly.

Slow walkers
To the slow walkers, I try to be as understanding as possible but sometimes I just can’t take it.
Before I get ahead of myself I must confess I might be a tiny bit of a hypocrite on this one. I don’t believe I am a slow walker but my friends say otherwise, you should take my word over theirs.
Getting back to my point if you walk slowly at least create room so that people can move around you. Don’t walk smack-dab in the middle of the hallway.

People hanging out with their friends
Last but not least, please do not hang out with your friends in the middle of the hallways.
The student handbook states that loitering in the hallways is level 2 behavior (level 2 behavior is behavior that disrupts the learning climate in the school.) Level 2 behavior punishments include but are not limited to, Alternative Assignments, an Apology to the Offended Party, Detention(s), Disciplinary Conference, Parent Conference, and much more. I would like an apology, I am an offended party.

Part of my New Year’s resolution was to be more optimistic so I would like to point out (the very little) good in the hallways as well. I deeply appreciate the people that walk at a normal pace and try to be aware of the people around them. I also love it when the hallways randomly smell like sugar cookies. Thank you, culinary students.
I hope after reading this you will make an effort to be more conscientious of the people around you in the hallways and follow my advice. If you see me in the hallways doing any of the things I just pointed out and said I hated, let me be a hypocrite in peace and forget you ever read this.