JV softball streak of success


Sophomore Gabi Phillis prepares to swing at a pitch during the game against Schaumburg. Photo courtesy of Jessica Maggio.

Contributing to the athletic success of this year, girls JV softball remains undefeated after taking on Schaumburg on April 20.

One of the JV1 players, junior Jessica Maggio, was a part of this 15-4 win and continues to work hard preparing for future games. And while softball is a fun outlet for Maggio, it can be time consuming mentally as well as physically.

“I prepare mentally and physically. I do it half and half because softball isn’t just physical. It’s very much in your head a lot of the time. So it’s just figuring out a good balance between motivation and mindset and your physical ability on the field,” Maggio said.

The team’s winning streak doesn’t mean that every game has been a flawless win. Even with the success during the game at Schaumburg, there were struggles that the team overcame.

“In the beginning it was a bit rough. It was very wet out so it made it harder for us to play in those conditions. But sooner than later, we ended up getting our groove back and we ended up pulling it all together and getting a bunch of runs and winning. They [Schaumburg] were very competitive in the beginning, but towards the end they kind of fell through, so it was a pretty good game,” Maggio said.

Teamwork also plays an important role in the result of a game, having support and a sense of camaraderie can be equally as important as skill.

“I would say that we’re very inclusive. Everyone gets playing time and everyone feels like they’re a part of the team. We are very supportive of each other, so it is a very positive environment. I feel like everyone really works together, so that makes it easier for us to work,” Maggio said.