Red Cross Club to hold walkathon


For the first time after formation, the Red Cross Club is hosting a walkathon event to raise funding for the American Red Cross. The event will take place at New Community Park in South Barrington from 1-3p.m. on Sunday, September 25. Donations and funding will help provide relief to those in need during emergencies.

“We do many volunteer-based events. For example, last year we hosted a hygiene kit drive where members donated personal care items and assembled the items into kits. In total, we were able to donate over 400 items to the homeless,” senior co-founder, Emily Yoon said.

To get involved in this walkathon, students can sign up through the link in the Red Cross Club’s instagram or by scanning the QR code. Every student walking must have at least one donation of any amount from a donor or themselves to participate. Two volunteer hours will also be awarded to participants.

“The Red Cross symbol is one of the most recognized emblems in the world. Students should get involved with the Red Cross Club because it provides them with opportunities to work with a globally known nonprofit to help alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies and receive volunteer hours for their work,” Yoon said. “It is also a great way to meet new people and have a fun time while still making a positive impact on the community.”

Founded last year by sisters Emily and Madeline Yoon, senior and junior respectively, they hope the club can help support those who are suffering during emergencies. The club is affiliated with the Chicago chapter of the Red Cross, holding events to help accomplish their goals.

“My sister and I noticed the national blood shortage during the peak time of Covid. This inspired us to create a club that would employ volunteers to help national emergencies such as the blood shortage crisis,” Yoon said. “We wanted to provide students with opportunities to make a difference in their community and help alleviate suffering in surrounding areas.”