Shows to watch if you liked Heartstopper


“Heartstopper” should’ve been one of those shows we still remember from when we were young. The show is a British fast-binge and lighthearted watch that captures the heartwarming love story between two boys, Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. It was based off of Alice Oseman’s five “Heartstopper” graphic novels initially released in 2019.

“Heartstopper” is a coming-of-age story that features heartbreak, toxic relationships, new friendships, gender identity and figuring out your sexuality, etc. The Netflix hit show currently has one season but has finished filming for a second. This show features incredible actors like Kit Connor (plays Nick Nelson) who is known for being in “Rocketman,” as well as Oscar and Emmy winner Olivia Colman (plays Nick Nelson’s mom). Here are some shows you should watch if you enjoyed “Heartstopper”:

1. Young Royals

“Young Royals” is the mature version of “Heartstopper.” The drama navigates the world of the Swedish royal family and the complications of adolescent love. It stars Swedish actor Edvin Ryding, who plays Prince Wilhelm and Venezuelan-Swedish actor/singer Omar Rudberg, who plays Simon. Wilhelm is unsure of his sexuality after he falls in love with Simon despite his royal status and the way him dating a man would impact his family’s image. “Young Royals” currently has two seasons out on Netflix.

2. Atypical

As teenagers we expect freedom and learning experiences, “Atypical” captures this moment in Sam Gardener’s life, played by Keir Gilchrist. The story delves into how Sam deals with his teenage years as someone with autism. Along with this, we see how his mother is dealing with letting him get the freedom that teenagers need. Similar to “Heartstopper” his sibling Casey, portrayed by Brigette Lundy-Paine, struggles with self-identity and sexuality, in a period of self discovery. “Atypical” is a fast four season binge on Netflix. The show ended in July of 2021.

Show recommendations from students:

Valeria Rodriguez, ‘23
As the first semester comes to an end, seniors are feeling the pressure of college and graduation. We need to be able to wind down and relieve our stress, and an easy way to do that is to watch shows that we can see ourselves in. For senior Valeria Rodriguez “Gossip Girl” is a show that brings her comfort.

“The show is relevant because it talks about the college application process and it shows how students worry about their grades and how school is for most people. “Gilmore Girls” shows the relationship between a single mom and her daughter,” Rodriguez said.

Matt Sims, ‘23
““Euphoria” shows a dark perspective of a variety of issues some teens struggle with and think they’re alone on, like addictions, disorders and mental health,” senior Matt Sims said.

For some Euphoria might be an intense watch but in reality it truly captures the essence of some teenage experiences. You can watch “Euphoria” on HBO Max, there’s two seasons out now. Zendaya plays Rue, who is the main character for most of the episodes, she’s a drug addict grieving her father’s loss. Jacob Elordi also stars as Nate Jacobs.