Heartbreak Season


Photo from Pixabay

Following the past few months many notable public figures have suddenly become single, Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Rutherford, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. However, high school love is much more complicated when comparing it to other love. According to the Huffington Post, only 2 percent of marriages are relationships that started in high school. While many people experience their first love in their teenage years, it rarely expands beyond the high school bubble.

High school love can be a very joyful experience, especially the first, however, it’s usually when most experience their first heartbreak. Since it’s high school, you must put a mask on in front of all your family and friends that you’re okay, probably because they don’t understand how you’re feeling. They’ll tell you it isn’t a big deal since you’re so young, but is heartbreak acceptable? High school is all about ups and downs, but you can let one high school relationship ruin your next few months. It is hard and takes time to heal, but many wonder what a healthy way to heal is.

1. Don’t go running to jump into another relationship.

Many people have the delusion that when you get out of a relationship, the way to get over someone is to get into a new relationship. However, that is entirely wrong and an unhealthy way to cope. You are forcing yourself to be in a new relationship and hurting the person you’re using just for your own sake. Since it’s our first relationship in high school, we tend to get attached more than we should. You start depending on your happiness on your partner, but that gets toxic, and when you break up, you expect another person to pick up the pieces. However, you should learn how to pick up your own pieces, even if the process is slow. You should focus on learning how to take care of yourself again and how it feels to stand alone. It is a challenging journey; no one said it would be easy. It might take weeks or months, and it won’t happen suddenly, but slowly you’ll find peace within yourself instead of looking for it in other people.

2. Support System

I know it sounds cliche, but when you get out of a relationship, people tend to want to isolate themselves from everyone. However, that will often just make it worse. You should spend time with your friends because they’ll keep you distracted about the breakup. When you surround yourself with people who make you feel loved, you slowly start to forget your past relationship. You won’t find yourself going back to think, “If I did this, then it wouldn’t have ended,” or “Maybe if I changed, then we would still be together” There is no point in thinking about what would have happened because it doesn’t amount to anything. If you guys broke up, you’ve broken up. You have to accept it and be with people who show their appreciation and want to be around you.

3. Accept, Remember, Move on

Sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re broken up; you wake up the next day and imagine it was all a dream and try to text them and then see that you’ve blocked them everywhere. It takes a few days or weeks to accept that the relationship has ended. The first step you should do is just accept that you’re no longer together, don’t try to feed into your delusions because you’re only gonna hurt yourself more. Learn how to live without them and not be dependent on people because while we’re growing up, people will always come and go. While we are still in our healing era, we tend to think about old memories with our ex-partner but don’t just think about the good memories; think about the bad ones too. “I remember how excited I was when he took me out” but also remember the argument that happened the night before because he never took you out unless you asked. You will constantly think about them at first, even though it’s hard to believe time will heal everything. After a few months, you will find yourself thinking about them less or wondering if they miss you.

There are no tips that can help you completely get over someone. You have to trust that time will heal everything (it’s cliche but true). You can’t expect to get over your ex in a week and never fully forget them. Yet you shouldn’t want to forget them, because from each relationship you learn. Never feel after you get out of a relationship that you will never find love again or find anyone better because you will always meet more people and always find better.