Escaping ‘Borington’ in a couple miles

Elizebeth Messerschmitt, Staff Writer

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What if you could “escape” the small town of Barrington, but without actually going so far? Exploring towns nearby that aren’t Barrington can be a fun adventure and could even provide you with your new favorite after school hangout spot. I try my hardest to explore nearby towns because I think that Barrington doesn’t have that much to offer and, to me, it’s really fun to just go somewhere else instead of a place that I have lived in my whole life.

Wauconda: Closest to those living in North Barrington or Lake Barrington.

Bulldogs Grill, Wauconda.

Like many towns, Main Street is the focus of the town filled with small stores and restaurants. In Wauconda, Main Street has a lot to offer from delicious restaurants to cute shops.

Personally, one of my favorite places to eat is Bulldogs Grill. Bulldogs Grill is a really fun place to eat, its interior reminds me of a 1950’s diner with checkered flooring and a counter where customers can eat. It’s a really good place to get your fast food fix; a good burger, fries and soda and they definitely give you what you pay for, big juicy burger and all.

Another place to go and hang out is Cook Park, right across the street from the Wauconda Area Library (also a good place to check out books and a quiet place to study during finals week). There are trails, a playground, an open soccer field and right next to it is the Wauconda Park District. The Cook Park area has been an area where I spent my childhood, it is both kid friendly and a great place to have a picnic with your friends.


Lake Zurich: Closest to those living in North Barrington, Lake Barrington and the Village.

My Flavorite Place in Lake Zurich.

To me, Lake Zurich’s Main Street is smaller than Wauconda’s and is mostly filled with smaller restaurants and cafes. Lake Zurich is centered around the lake (hence Lake Zurich). Even just walking around the Lake can be a fun way to get exercise in (the scenic view distracts you, you hardly know you’re getting a walk in). If walking is not your thing, I would highly recommend My Flavorite Place: a delicious ice cream and shaved ice place with toppings like cookie dough, oreos, gummy bears, and basically most of the candies or toppings. It’s a really adorable ice cream shop for a warm summer day, a breezy fall day, or for any occasion (from April through November, that is).


Schaumburg: Closest to those living in South Barrington and the Village.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks Schaumburg is only composed of Woodfield Mall; however, it’s a good place to hang out, 

buy some new clothes, or to go see a movie. It’s big enough to have most of the stores you’re looking for and is a great way to kill lots of time.

Another fun place to go if shopping’s not your speed would definitely be Punch Bowl. They have almost anything you could possibly want to do, including bowling, karaoke, ping ping, dart boards, and so many other fun games. They also have a really good selection of food to eat. I’d highly recommend going with a group of friends, it’s super fun way to just spend a Saturday.