D’Angelo’s perfect breakfast guide


The author, Sam D’Angelo, enjoys a savory breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hash browns from Southern Belle’s in Downtown Barrington.

As a chronically late person with a bottomless stomach, a junior taking 7-straight classes, an athlete, and now a cripple, I’m constantly hungry. And you know what would be a good solution to that? Eating breakfast. You know what I don’t get to do, as a chronically-late-bottomless-stomach-crippled-ambitious junior? Eat breakfast.

Breakfast is the meal of champions; Eggs and bacon, french toast, pancakes, all that is my jam. It’s fantastic, and when I wake up on the weekends and get to make some for myself, I live out my dreams. But because of who I am as a person, i.e. never on time for anything, no matter how hard I try, especially now that I’m on crutches, I cannot possibly get to school on time if I spare the time for breakfast, which is a SHAME. But this wouldn’t really matter if I didn’t care about breakfast, so let’s delve into the reasons why breakfast is the greatest meal.

    1. It’s versatile. If you’re in the mood for salty food, have some scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. Sweet? You can go straight for the French toast with syrup. There’s a thousand different things you can make or get, like skillets, omelettes, waffles, pancakes, crepes, and a thousand different sides to pair them with, like bacon, sausage, toast, english muffin, and more. Plus, you can even have dinner for breakfast with dishes like steak and eggs! You can pretty much have anything you could want. What’s not to love?
    2. It can be light or heavy. Not in the mood to feel weighed down by breakfast? Grab a protein bar or a piece of bacon (which happens in every single TV show ever — there’s a whole, beautiful, delicious breakfast on that table and you’re just going to grab a piece of bacon?). Woke up ravenous? Head to Southern Belle’s or Egg Harbor and gorge on some delicious breakfast food.

However, there is one con to breakfast, and that is this: when it’s done wrong. Don’t even get me started on the school breakfast food. Mushy Pillsbury pastries, meat I don’t even want to consider, and watery eggs? Junior Natalie Kennard is with me on this one. “I’m glad I don’t eat meat [because of the breakfast meat] and the eggs look like the eggs you get from a hotel in the morning,” Kennard said.

Breakfast is the most important (and, arguably, most delicious) meal of the day. It’s important to appreciate all that breakfast has to offer. Just remember: it shouldn’t be done wrong.