How bout’ some history?


In 2015 when the music for the Broadway production of Alexander Hamilton was released, all my friends raved about how good it was. I wanted to be different so I didn’t listen to music until late 2016 and I loved it.

I first listened to music in history class and liked what I heard. Later I didn’t go a day without listening to the playlist and soon memorized the lyrics but never actually paid attention to what the lyrics said or meant.

After a few months, I stopped listening to the music and moved onto different music but my dad would occasionally mention Hamilton and his importance in shaping our country. 

This year in my history class was when I started learning more about Alexander Hamilton and about his plans for the new republic. Reading about him in my textbook got me to listen to Broadway music and the lyrics of his story.

In class, I learned about Hamilton and how he was the leader of the Federalist political party. The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans were the first political parties of the new nation and Hamilton played a very important part in the making of the parties. 

These parties set the stage for the decisions made for the country. The two political parties in his time had aspects of liberal and conservative beliefs that do come up nowadays.

Hamilton is a founding father of the United States of America and helped make laws that are still in effect today. So much of history is still prevalent today and Hamilton was a big part of making history.