Halloween costumes on a budget

1. Arthur 

This costume idea is simple, cheap, and could work for guys and girls! All you need is blue jeans, a white collared t-shirt, a yellow sweater, a pair of glasses, and some paper cut out ears. Most likely, you already have all of these items lying around your house, and all it takes is a little DIY.


2. Bob Ross and His Painting. 

This dynamic duo is the perfect costume for you and a friend. While both of you fight over who gets to be Bob Ross, it would be helpful to get your materials together. For the painting, your gonna need, a neutral colored sweatshirt, and colored paper to represent the painting. This could be leaves (as shown above), waves, mountains or whatever you want, get creative! As for Bob Ross, you are going to need a paintbrush, a light blue collared shirt, a painting pallet, blue jeans, and a fake beard and Afro (optional).



3. The Nerd.

Possibly the easiest and cheapest to make a costume on the list, the Nerd costume is a homerun. All you really need for this is an assortment of boring clothes, a calculator, and of course, a pair of glasses. The suspenders and glasses tape are nice touches but aren’t a necessity.


4. Ketchup and Mustard 

For this costume, you can take it in two different ways. One way is buying it off of Amazon. This option is a bit more expensive but easier to put together. This option will run you $38, but if you split it with a friend, it’ll cost less than $20. If you choose option number 2, the DIY option, you’ll spend less, but work more. This option includes finding a long yellow and red dress. Then, all you have to do is make a squirt top out of a pie pan, some paper, and some colored paint.