Madden Mobile review by TJ Rot


Madden Mobile, the mobile edition of one of the most successful sports video games ever, has become one of the most played games by high schoolers.

This game was really popular a few years ago, but over the recent years, it faded into the background, being renamed Madden Overdrive. However, this year it was restored to the version that had great success and took high schoolers by storm. I myself have participated in popularity, and I think it’s great.

Basically, Madden Mobile is an ultimate team game where you collect players rated between 59-100 and try to fill out an entire football lineup. You can get players from packs or buy them on auctions where other people post players that you can buy.

You can also get players from sets that are usually completed from playing live events and collecting cards.
A lot of people always talk about how Madden releases the same game and graphics every year, and while this is mostly true, it’s still a great game.

The features are better than ever, and there is always something to do in the game. Coming from someone who doesn’t play video games, this is a pretty easy game to understand, which I like because most games are pretty complicated, and that makes them boring to me.

The auctions have always been a popular feature, as the game basically made their own economy, with inflation and bidding. The one good thing that came out of the year of Madden Overdrive was a new game mode, Overdrive, in which you play at the same time as the other person and just try to get the most fantasy points in three minutes.

Another thing I like is the month-long thematic game modes. At the beginning of the year, there was the Kickoff mode. During Halloween, there was the Field of Fear event, and that was a pretty fun thing, as they released many different events that you could play to get players and in the end, there were six 90 overall players you could complete the set for.

Right now, there’s the Road to Greatness theme that you can receive 91 overall players from at the end.
The game is solid enough that many kids play it in class, including me. Sometimes, if I’m sitting in the back of the classroom, I see like ten kids playing during a lesson.

Also, my whole lunch table spends the period playing Madden Mobile. Some might classify it as a distraction, but in my opinion, I don’t blame the game. There will always be a distraction, as long as students are bored. Anything can be a distraction, and if not Madden Mobile, there would be something else.

Overall, this game has become immensely popular and I’m not opposed to it.