Brown: The color of chocolate, coffee and now clothes


Photo by Aarya Arun

Y2k fashion, indie fashion, streetwear, and more styles are making a comeback. Teens are getting inspired for these new looks on Pinterest, Instagram and fashion accounts all over social media. One common color that seems to be standing out with all these fashion trends is brown. 

Brown has always been one of the underdogs compared to other standard colors. Did you know that surveys in Europe and the US have shown that brown is actually the least popular color? That’s what makes the new popularity so ironic!

Global trend forecaster WGSN reported that brown is the fastest-growing color in womenswear, with a 24 per cent year-over-year increase in the United States. Also, brown became a staple for dozens of name brands because it appeals to looks with a soothing color palette. While Gen Z has been open to bright colors in fashion, more dull and sensible colors have also been prominent to keep a basic but classic fashion sense.

The most popular brown pieces of clothing can be found primarily on trendy Pinterest posts. Some of the trendiest pieces are brown high top converses, “cowgirl” brown top, brown corduroy pants, north face puffer jackets and more. When this trend started, brown emerged in accent pieces such as purses, phone cases, jackets, and even shoes. Now it has become more prominent in bigger items such as sweaters, jackets, pants, etc. 

Although brown is a nice, subtle color that can put together a simple look, some might believe it’s overrated. There was a reason why brown was an unpopular color before the trend started and one can feel that some people overdo it. For example, some people wear “all brown outfits” in which they are head to toe covered in brown. But it’s important to know that this style only works if you do it with the right shades and tones. All brown outfits can be classy when worn with beige undertones with one or two key dark brown accent pieces, but too much dark brown put together in an informal way can seem messy. 

Nonetheless, brown is a great color to add some contrast with. For instance, adding brown accessories with a neutral toned monochromatic outfit can enhance the look with that extra pop. Also, big pieces such as jackets, sweaters, pants etc. can also look good with neutral tones to contrast it. It’s all about getting the right balance of having the brown in your outfit but not overdoing to the point where you look like a turd.