Who what wear?

Whether you’re dressing up your favorite pair of jeans or adding a comfortable twist to the classic sweatpants, sneakers can easily provide comfort and style to any outfit, all without compromising the functionality of comfort.

Seeing how students’ have changed their styles over these past years has been such an eye-opening experience. Shoes take up so much of our daily lives. Literally, we spend all day walking on our feet, the least we could do is buy trendy, comfortable shoes. Here are five shoes that are worth the buy that you can dress up or down.


Photo by Alexander Isreb from Pexels

Converse making it’s big debut in the early 1900’s and still living to be the most popular shoe I’ve seen worn in a student body says a lot. With the classic Chuck Taylor’s to various styles and colors Converse provides, it’s no doubt they’re frequently purchased. The recent design of the platform Chuck Taylor’s has been seen to catch the eye of many. Maybe it’s for the added inches in height or for the style but platform Chuck’s are worth every penny. Not only that, Converse are the perfect shoes for weight training. So you can get your style on at the gym and get a good workout in. Win-win situation in my opinion.


Nike Blazers Mid ‘77
A staple shoe in the ‘shoedrobe’ across the world has to be Nike Blazer Mid ‘77. Blazer’s remain a go-to from athletes to fashion elites. Not only does the shoe execute a clean composition, but Blazer’s are wearable in almost any situation. Though these shoes are quite comfortable to wear on long, hauling school days, they are a pain to get on. It’s a process of unlacing the shoes, putting the shoes on and lacing them back up. And don’t get me started on taking these shoes off. Never in my life have I actually had to pry a pair of shoes off before. Despite the few hardships, Blazers are worth the money with the comfort and style they provide.

Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

Doc Martens
Doc Martens have truthfully taken a hit in the shoe industry. Maybe it’s because of Emma Chamberlain’s influence or because Docs are really just comfortable shoes that are designed to comply with your feet. After breaking Docs in, they’ll quickly become your favorite boots. The leather around the shoe is extremely durable so the first few wears will be prone to blisters, but after those very worthy first few wears, Docs will perfectly shape your foot. In order to avoid bodily harm, put your new Docs on with the thickest socks you can find and stomp around your house a bit. In the end, Docs are the perfect winter shoe.

Nike Air Force 1’s
Ah yes, the classic Nike AF1’s. Almost everyone has a pair, but I have yet to get a pair. Truthfully, I can see why people love these shoes. They’re comfortable, they pair with almost everything, and they’re the perfect shoe to wear everyday, but I’d never buy a pair. I can’t tell you why I would never buy a pair. The shoe doesn’t really reflect my style but if you happen to own a pair, all to you! If it makes you feel any better, my mom has a pair and she loves them.

Nike Air 270’s
The Nike Air 270’s were designed with comfort in mind. These gym shoes are perfect for long days on your feet with the comfort and unique design. The high ‘bubble’ heel adds extra cushion and support making you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Though these shoes are pricey, the versatility, design, and comfort make every penny worth it. Not to mention they last you quite a while so Mom doesn’t have to worry about buying new gym shoes for a while!

All in all, shoes are designed to provide comfort and style. Nowadays, style is such a versatile way to express your personality.