Halloween safety tips

It’s time for the Halloween festivities and fall fun to start! Unfortunately, around this time things can also become more dangerous. Resource officer, Eve Gaitan, shared information on how to stay safe during these times.


Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal. That being said, if you do choose to drink alcohol, these are some safety tips:

It’s important to be cautious when you’re drinking anything. Alcoholic or not, all drinks are susceptible to being spiked.

“The biggest concern is getting spiked,” Eve Gaitan said.

The American Addiction Center conducted a study of over 900 people, analyzing their experiences with drinking and spiking.19 percent of recipients were first spiked in high school.

Men and women most commonly consume spiked drinks or food at house parties. The substances used to spike include marijuana, alcohol, sedatives and others.
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A large portion of the substances used to spike food and drinks at house parties are unknown. These substances can have dangerous effects on your body and doctors can have difficulty treating you.

Don’t leave your drinks unattended. Don’t drink or taste anyone else’s drink and get rid of your drink if you think it tastes weird.

Some symptoms of getting spiked are feeling dizzy, faint, ill or sleepy. You can also pass out or feel drunk when you’ve had a small amount of alcohol.

If you are with someone who has been spiked, call 911 for an ambulance. Stay with them, take care of them and if they become unconscious, put them on their recovery side (on their side, leg bent to support the body, arm bent to keep from rolling on their stomach and hand under cheek to support the head) to clear their airways.

Going out

For a lot of us, high school is the first time we venture out alone. No parents, no older siblings, just you and your friends.

When going out alone, make sure a trusted adult has your location at all times. Communicate with them frequently so they know you are safe.

“Always tell a parent or someone you trust where you’re going to be at all times,” Gaitan said.

When you’re out alone, it is easier to give into peer pressure. Make sure everything you’re doing is something you actually want to do and 100% consensual.

If you do feel uncomfortable at any time, express your feelings and leave that situation or setting.

“There’s always a way to have fun, but still be safe,” Gaitan said.

Trick or treating

Although most of us are not going trick or treating, if you are accompanying younger siblings or anyone else, it’s important to know how to do it in a safe way.

When trick or treating, make sure you stay with your group and keep track of your friends. Many people will be out and it can be easy to lose the people you’re with.

After you finish trick or treating, inspect all of your candy for any forgein objects for things like needles or drugs.

If you are driving on Halloween night, watch your surroundings a little closer because there will be children crossing the street.