Behind the band: The colorguard experience


The scoreboard buzzes, signaling the start of halftime performances. The crowd cheers on the band as they march on the field. Behind them, seven students follow and wait for their cue.

During football season, the color guard team performs during our school’s fight song and the national anthem with a routine that they choreograph themselves. Senior Lauren Johnson has served as the artistic designer and media manager for the color guard for the past two years.

“I joined the color guard because when my older sister was in highschool she was in it. I went to all her halftime performances and competitions, [and] I wanted to be part of something like that as well,” Johnson said.

When football season is over, color guard has winter competitions where they compete against other schools. One of Johnson’s proudest memories from the winter competition season was going to the championship and having her team wear shirts she designed for them. Johnson and her team also met other teams along with watching everyone’s performances, which she found exciting.

“Standing up there in unison and accepting our placement has never made me feel prouder,” Johnson said.

Although nerve-racking to stand in front of the crowd and perform, Johnson finds, even despite occasional hiccups, keeping a collected sense of self is most important..

“When [I] drop a flag in the middle of a routine, the best thing to do is blend back into the routine. Don’t scramble for the equipment. Everyone drops a flag or piece of equipment at least once during the season, especially marching season. The coaches never make anyone feel bad for dropping a flag,” Johnson said.

Throughout her experience on the color guard, Johnson credits her team for providing her with unwavering strength and a sense of comaraderie.

“It’s a very close knit team. We always grow close at band camp when we spend basically all day together. Soon, most of us seniors will go our separate ways,” Johnson said. “I won’t see their faces everyday and we won’t bond over any inside jokes or long bus rides anymore.”