Tune into love


Valentine’s Day could easily be either your favorite day of the year or just the opposite if you don’t have someone to share it with. However, maybe there is a simple solution to curing your Valentine’s Day blues – purchase a singing gram. As someone who has already spent more than $20 on singing grams this year, take it from me. It is definitely worth it.

On Valentine’s Day, the a cappella groups will be going from class to class singing a variety of songs to students throughout the day. Juniors Kettie Olson and Lili Hurlock, members of the a cappella group, Premium Blend (PB), will be joining in on the fun.

“I think it’s fun to see people’s reactions and just to have fun going around the school singing songs with my friends,” Olson said.

The anticipation of going to class to see which of your friends may be getting serenaded is a feeling that can’t be matched. And it only happens once a year.

“My favorite part is going into my friend’s classes and singing to them. It’s always nice to see everyones reactions and all of the smiles,” Hurlock said.

If you have a specific a cappella group in mind, X is the male group, eHarmonies and PB are the female groups and Noteworthy is the mixed gender group. Each group has a list of songs that they will be performing which can be found in the selection on the order form (insert link here in the words order form) you fill out for each $5.50 gram.

“The money goes to the fine arts department so you can support the fine arts while listening to some good music,” Olson said.

Buying a singing gram is not only a way to spread love to your friends, it is also a way to support your fellow students. So if you’re still reading then stop, get that someone special’s schedule and go buy some singing grams!