Disney crushes you’ve probably had: Disney men ranked

Almost all kids grew up with Disney, and over the years, the cartoons we watched on screen set our standards for our love lives now. Some Disney characters we hated with a passion, but for other characters, we had other crushes that our inner child still loves to this day. However over the years, Disney has released countless movies, but which character do girls all share a mutual crush on? Which one still makes us get heart eyes when we rewatch our favorite Disney movies? I’ve conducted a poll around BHS and found the 5 cutest Disney boys we all agree set our standards too high.

5. Dimitri (Anastasia) 

One thing about Dimitri is his consistency: not only does he save Anastasia’s life when they were little kids but he saved her again when they were adults. He starts off as a charming con artist but ends up a charming hero. When he realizes who Anatasia is, he puts aside his own desire for her so she can have what he thinks is her best chance at happiness. Yet he comes back for her when she needs him. He always comforted her in any situation making sure she was comfortable. His personality can make him seem like a total jerk, but deep down he shows that he’s a goofy romantic. From the survey, girls seem to love the confident guys who act like they have everything together, but as you get closer they tend to put down their walls.

4. Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6) 

Even though in the movie Tadashi doesn’t have a love interest, you can predict from him being an amazing older brother he would’ve been the perfect boyfriend. He always supported his brother and wanted the best for him. He showed Hiro his lab and helped set him straight without being too strict. Tadashi would lighten the tension and help Hiro when he was in a bad mood. He also created a medical robot that was designed to assess any injuries to help humans. It looked like a marshmallow, so he created a medical marshmallow. He had a kind heart and showed it throughout his work. He also sacrificed his own life just to try and save his professor??? He would have definitely been boyfriend material if he didn’t die so suddenly.

3. David Kawena (Lilo & Stitch) 

David was boyfriend material from the start. Even though he and Nani weren’t even dating, he made it very obvious he wanted him and Nani to take it to the next level but never pressured her. He was very patient with making the next move as he understood the stress of finding a job and Nani raising her little sister alone. He always treated Lilo like a sister and helped watch her. Even though David wasn’t the most intelligent guy, he makes up for it with compassion and patience.

2. Prince Naveen (Princess and the Frog) 

We can all admit Prince Naveen is for sure one of the cutest Disney boys, but at the beginning his personality made him seem like a horrible boyfriend. He was a flirt and only wanted to marry Charlotte for her money. He was carefree and seemed like nothing was serious to him. Yet, as Tiana and him spent more time together he finally started to figure out his priorities.e realized money couldn’t buy happiness and started to enjoy the simple things, like dicing vegetables. At the end he completely gives up the idea of marrying for money and instead helps Tiana fulfill her dream of opening her own restaurant. He gave up the idea of being rich to live an enjoyable life with Tiana. This was the moment when he was husband material because he gave away his whole ideology with money, and settled down with Tiana and completely changed his whole mindset.

1. Flynn Rider (Tangled) 

Flynn and Rapunzel’s relationship wasn’t like all the other disney couples:there was no love at first sight . Butwhat makes Flynn so compelling is his personality. Out of all the other princes, he has the most personality. He was charming yet deceiving and comedic. He has a very soft heart which he shows Rapunzel when he finally reveals his name to her. He made her dream come true. At first you could see he was just taking her to see the floating lanterns for the crown. However, the more time they spent together, the more he appreciated the moments with Rapunzel. For example, when they went to go see the floating lanterns, he tried to make that time as special as he could.In the end, he was willing to sacrifice anything for Rapunzel just so he could be with her. This was different because in the movie he was always selfish and just thought about himself, but at the end you can see him try his hardest just for Rapunzel, meaning he finally cared enough about someone else to give himself up. Something he never did before.