And the nominees are…

Teachers were given the opportunity to nominate a student for any kind of award, here are the results!

The “Anti-Procrastination” award & Most Positive Student
Tracy Haufschild

Tracy Haufschild, ‘23

Nominator: Leslie Grider, Support Services department
“Every time Tracy gets an assignment or project to do, she never hesitates. She does not wait to start it and she works tirelessly until she finishes it. It is like her superpower!” Grider said.

Nominator: Jill Thennes, Support Services department
“Tracy is always smiling and she is always in a good mood. She strives to see the positive in all things!” Thennes said.

Future Teacher Award
Alex Bradley

Alex Bradley, ‘23

Nominator: Ninja Idrizi, Life Skills department
“Alex will be an amazing teacher in the future. He understands the importance of a student-centered lesson and comes to life in front of students,” Idrizi said.

Future Athletic Director
Jake Feightner

Jake Feightner, ‘23

Nominator: Jeff Doles, Fine Arts teacher
“In addition to being a leader on the 3rd in state basketball team, Jacob coordinates a large array of videos and is a leader amongst his peers. To Jacob’s credit, he uses his creativity and sense of humor to shine a light not on himself but towards his peers for all of their athletic accomplishments. One example of his exceptional contributions is a video called “Run this Town.” The video was filmed over the summer and took a month to film and edit. Jacob even reached out to the local police department and was able to get main street closed down for one of the featured scenes,” Doles said.

Future Movie Director
Hanna Faulkner

Hanna Faulkner, ‘23

Nominator: Jeff Doles, Fine Arts teacher
“In class, Hanna showcases the same positive energy and leadership skills that she exhibits as an athlete and towards a plethora of philanthropic endeavors that create a positive impact on our school and community,” Doles said. “Hanna uses her strong work ethic, editing skills and time management skills to keep our video crew focused and on schedule. One example of her exceptional contributions is filming football highlights on a weekly basis and creating highlights for the team.”

Most Memorable Students I Had Never Physically Met
“My Zoom Students in Sophomore Health Education”

Photo from Unsplash

Nominator: Cynthia Guerrero, Life Skills teacher
“It’s difficult to realize how much life has changed since that school year. We all had to work out of our comfort zones while experiencing such dramatic life changes. I will never forget the last day of each semester having the entire class turn on their screens so I could see everyone’s faces. My tears were genuine…I never knew how much I missed teaching students in person!” Guerrero said. “It’s been fun seeing you in various places of the building…I might not have recognized your face, but I definitely remembered you when hearing your name! Wishing you many blessings as you make a new journey after graduation. Live life without regrets and treasure the moments!”

Future Sports Broadcaster
Sahil Mittal

Sahil Mittal, ‘23

Nominator: Jeff Doles, Fine Arts teacher
“In addition to being an athlete and a leader on the tennis courts, Sahil anchors our video program’s award winning Sports Desk, does play by play for our live streams and is the president of our video scoreboard operations. To Sahil’s credit, he uses all three platforms along with his exceptional on-air talent to shine a light not on himself but towards his peers for all of their athletic accomplishments,” Doles said