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The RoundUp

Chris Pflanz and the Jankowski family cuts the ribbon.

Greenhouse grand opening highlights new renovations

Vidya Madana, Editor-in-Chief
Published December 7, 2022
Police department food drive information. Photo courtesy of Eve Gaitan.

Police department to host food drive

Sarah Quig, Editor-in-Chief
Published November 18, 2022
Upcoming production: James and the Giant Peach

Upcoming production: James and the Giant Peach

Kaitlyn Witas, Opinions Editor
Published April 28, 2022
Orchesis students dancing at spring performance. Photo courtesy of Jeff Doles.

Orchesis to hold fundraising gala

Neha Doppalapudi, News Editor
Published April 22, 2022
Experiment running for data collection. Photo courtesy of Choudhry, 23.

Students advance to state science exposition

Sarah Quig, News Editor
Published April 21, 2022
Abby Ashcraft, 25, wearing a mask, and Jenna Kerr, 23, not wearing a mask, talk in the commons. Photo Aarya Arun, 23.

Mask mandate updates

Sarah Quig and Alexis Mathai
Published March 3, 2022

The weather is warming on this Wednesday… it’s the perfect time for a Human of Barrington! Keep reading to find out how sophomore Olivia Paik felt and processed 2020’s quarantine. “During quarantine, I felt like it was never going to end. I thought we were going back to school after spring break. Then I thought we were going back in May, Then it was August. Now in October, we’re still in quarantine. This pandemic just seems never ending and events that I was looking forward to, one by one got cancelled. During these uncertain times, it’s sometimes hard to stay positive. To stay positive, I just tried to think of quarantine as a way I could take time for myself to relax and do things I normally didn’t have a whole lot of time for before. I also tried to keep in contact with my friends and played video games with them. It was also really boring during quarantine. So to pass the time, I read some new books. I like to read, so I read some books that I had been wanting to start for a while but didn’t have the time. I also watched movies and tv shows to pass the time. Some new ones, and some I rewatched. I tried to stay fit and healthy by running on the treadmill and doing spin classes. I also went on bike rides, walks, and runs with my friends while social distancing. Once the tennis courts opened up, I played tennis frequently as well. This quarantine has taught me that life can change in a second. Having been out of the school environment for almost seven months has been interesting and different. I don’t think the world will experience a pandemic this big in a long time.”Olivia Paik, sophomore. Interviewed by Becca Li.

Published March 3, 2021

For our first human of Barrington this week, we have senior Ava Seberg talking about how quarantine affected her job at a local animal hospital. Read more to find out how Seberg navigated the ups and downs of COVID life.“So one of the biggest things that impacted my quarantine experience was the fact that I worked throughout all of it even at the start of COVID. At that point it was scary especially with my job at a local animal hospital. It was a very weird experience, because even now we are unable to let clients into the animal hospital because it is such a small facility. It was very new to everyone then and even now as we are more accustomed to it, it’s still a little strange. Now looking back working through COVID I have been able to clearly see how it affects people both inside and outside the workplace. I am very thankful that I have been able to work throughout quarantine as it has given me a new perspective and insight. As well as something to do during these times. On a positive note because of COVID I have been able to learn a lot of new things at my job because there is always something to do. I have been able to work up at the front desk answering calls because most things are over the phone. I have also been able to help do vet tech things and learn things about being an animal nurse. I also have been given the time to pursue more of my art, I am working on sticker designs as well as custom clothes which has been really fun. Even though it has been stressful, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.” Ava Seberg, senior. Interviewed by Grace Gregoire.

Published February 16, 2021

Continuing with our series the “Humans of Barrington”, we have freshman Sravya Dontharaju talking about how frustrating Zoom and excessive screen time can be. Read on to hear more about this human’s quarantine experience. “To me, the pandemic experience has been frustrating. Right before quarantine, I started to take badminton lessons. In my opinion, I was improving a lot with just two months of lessons. But of course, I had to stop taking lessons and I’m really sad and kinda mad that I didn’t get to continue that. I feel like if I had continued lessons, I would have improved so much. It would have been really great if corona didn't happen and I could have practiced more. One good side I guess is the fact that my art improved a lot with all the extra time I had. I also got into new genres of music so that was fun and it helped curb my boredom. I really felt frustrated because a lot of things got put on hold and it felt kinda unfair. Uh, I hate zoom. I hate that we have to stare at a screen for seven hours and it just gives me a headache. So I guess I kinda want to go back to school, but at the same time school kinda sucks so whatever. It’s not that I hate the teachers, and I know they’re doing their best, but I honestly just hate the curriculum. As for the current state of America: we are collectively sucking as a country. After spending all this time at home, I think I had some time to really think about our world and just question it.” Sravya Dontharaju, freshman. Interviewed by Emily Won.

Published February 11, 2021

Another day, another human of Barrington! Today, we have freshman Sophia Gordon talking about the many different sides to quarantine – both the ups and the downs. Read on to hear more about her quarantine experience.“Quarantine has affected me in many different ways, both positive and negative. One positive of quarantine is that I was able to spend a lot more time with my family then I usually do, and had more time on my hands in general. Having this much time at my house affected me because I wasn’t able to go to school, or out anywhere, and because of this I had to find new things to do, like bike riding and baking. Biking is one of the new hobbies that I enjoyed, and my family and I would go biking on different trails together. One happy story or moment for me was getting to hang out with my friends for the first time since having to be on strict lockdown. This was really fun. I got to see them for one of their birthdays and it was so nice to all get together again. This moment stands out to me because before I got to hang out with them in person, we would just have to FaceTime if we wanted to see each other. So it was really nice to all get together. But, some negative things about quarantine was having to cancel my family spring break trip to Washington D.C., and not being able to go to school and see my friends as often. Now that quarantine is over I am so excited to see all of my friends and go back to school! I am excited for this because when we go back to school, not only can I see my best friends, but also the friends that I wasn’t able to over quarantine.”Sophia Gordon, freshman. Interviewed by Gia Vieceli.

Published February 9, 2021
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